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General Terms and Conditions of FKT Transport GmbH

Nature of the activity

The business activity of FKT Transport GmbH is the organization of container shipments. This is done either by truck, train or barge. This includes both short and long-distance pre-carriage and on-carriage shipments to and from European seaports. 
Furthermore, FKT Transport GmbH provides services related to sea containers. These include acceptance, interim storage, unloading and packing as well as other services.


Shipping Conditions

When placing an order, FKT Transport GmbH works according to the General German Forwarder Conditions (ADSp) in the 2017 version. For cross-border shipments, FKT Transport GmbH works according to CMR. 
The container shipping conditions of FKT Transport GmbH also apply when the client places an order.


Limitation of Liability and Disclaimer for Slot Bookings

FKT Transport GmbH points out the following limitations of liability that apply: - Pursuant to § 431 paragraphs 1, 2 and 4 HGB, (German Commercial Code), the liability of the forwarder in the event of loss of or damage to the goods is generally limited to 8.33 SDRs per kilogram of gross weight.

  • Liability is limited to 2 SDRs per kilogram in the case of a shipping contract for shipping by various means of transport, including maritime shipping.
  • FKT Transport GmbH points out the following applicable exclusion of liability for time slot bookings.
  • Defined data must be available 24 hours in advance so that a slot booking is possible for the dispatchers at FKT Transport GmbH. FKT Transport GmbH assumes no liability for unplanned delays, missing data and non-compliance with the closing of ship departures.



FKT Transport GmbH is bound by offers until further notice. However, this only applies up to the dates specified in the offers.

The following applies to all shipping orders included in the offer: FKT Transport GmbH executes the shipping order for the customer up to the specified date, or until receipt of a revocation by the customer, under the conditions of the respective offer, and in accordance with the container shipment conditions.


Revocation Options

FKT Transport GmbH points out that in the event of uncontrollable cost developments, you can make use of the right of revocation. This applies, for example, to changes in energy prices or the legal framework.


Calculation of Shipping Distances

FKT Transport calculates shipping distances on the basis of the PTV Map & Guide (latest version). An order confirmation from FKT Transport GmbH is not a confirmation of the delivery date. All prices quoted by FKT Transport GmbH exclude sales tax, if applicable.



Unless otherwise stipulated in the offer by FKT Transport GmbH, FKT Transport GmbH will issue its invoices after the service has been rendered.

Invoices are to be paid within 10 calendar days of the FKT Transport GmbH invoice date by payment to the account specified by FKT Transport GmbH.

Validity of Terms and Conditions, Ancillary Agreements

Conflicting terms and conditions of contractual partners are only valid if FKT Transport GmbH expressly agrees in writing that the other terms and conditions apply. 
FKT Transport GmbH hereby expressly contradicts general forms of the contractual partner's reference to their own general terms and conditions.

No verbal agreements between the client and FKT Transport GmbH shall be valid. 
If there are deviating agreements, these must be recorded in writing. They require confirmation from FKT Transport GmbH to be valid.


Contractual Bases

German law applies as agreed. 
The place of jurisdiction and fulfillment is Hanover/Germany. 
Status: March 2018

Hanover HQ

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